About RSCI

Behind Inauguration of RSCI

Orthodontics has traditionally focused on tooth alignment, essentially for improvement of form. In the face of this century-old mainstream orthodontics, Roth demonstrated clinically that the primary objective of orthodontic treatment is to achieve a functional occlusion as it enables the attainment of the ultimate goal of dentistry, namely longevity of teeth. He shared this concept with many clinicians, thus spreading it not just in the United States but across the world. We, as RSCI members following in his footsteps, have an important role to play in verifying the correctness of the Roth philosophy by treating our patients according to his philosophy in everyday practice and actively embracing scientific advances. For this purpose, Members agree to carry on the following activities every year:

  1. Attend the annual meeting and make sure to bring a case file.
  2. Conduct clinical research on an individual or group basis to provide scientific evidence for the importance for a harmony between occlusion and the TMJ, which is at the core of Roth concept.
  3. Present a case during the meeting when called upon, and make a necessary preparation for the presentation.
  4. The study club, entirely funded by membership dues, aims at bettering ourselves as clinicians, rather than to promote business interests of a particular company.

It was during the 2004 Florida meeting when Roth emphasized the importance of bringing a case file to every annual study club meeting. This act of bringing a case file when attending the annual meeting makes our study club unique. There is no better way to further our knowledge and skills. Roth did not leave us any written instructions or textbooks showing what to do. The recognition that the RSCI is the only opportunity to carry his legacy forward is what brings us together.

Council members
Council members
Front from left :
Hidetoshi Shirai (Japan), Kazumi Ikeda (Japan), Satoshi Adachi (Japan)
In the back: Jim Sieberth (USA), Manny Wasserman (USA), Ted Freeland (USA)