The 7th Annual RSCI Meeting in San Diego

Studio East and Executive Studio
ANdAZ San Diego
600 F Street
San Diego, CA 92101, USA

April 25th-28th, 2017

Our meeting was held in San Diego this year the convention center, at ANdAS San Diego. It was the Japanese members’ turn to help with the meeting preparation. On behalf of the members, I would like to thank Dr. Kazumi Ikeda and his secretary Kei Miyazaki for all their efforts in helping make this a successful meeting! This year, we had a special one-day program immediately before the meeting, with lectures from three instructors for the two-year Roth Philosophy course in Japan: Drs. Satoshi Adachi, Kazumi Ikeda, and Masaru Sakai. Their passionate talks seem to have resonated with the attendees, and we even later received requests from Europe for video recording of the course. It was a truly fruitful day, catching up with old friends, making new friends, and bonding over our shared passion.

The San Diego meeting that followed marked the 7th year for RSCI. The circle of discussion surrounding case files have grown internationally. Oral presentations, as always, were followed by ample discussion time. The two-way communication between the presenter and the attendees with the help of the Japanese and Spanish translators, makes our group a one of a kind, truly international meeting. Thank you so much to every single one of you for yet another successful meeting, and see you again soon in Washington DC!

The 7th Annual RSCI Meeting in San Diego

Group photo at the meeting venue

1 day course

  • 1 day course was held at ANdAZ San Diego, on April 26th 2017

  • Long time no see!
    From left : Bob Good, Frank Cordray, Ron Good, Thomas Chubb, Kazumi Ikeda, Carl Roy and Michael Webb

  • Thank you for coming!
    Satoshi Adachi (left) and Caterina Pruzzo (right)

  • Renie Ikeda (left) and Don Linck (right)

  • Kazumi (left) and Elena Kavaliauskis (right)

  • Straty Righellis (left) and Renie (right)

  • Donald Cronin (left) and Satoshi (right)

  • Frank (left) and Don (right)

  • From left: Takehiro Hirano, Hidetoshi Shirai and Yoshihiro Nakajima

  • Catching up over a light breakfast before the first lecture
    Don (left) and James Broadbent (right)

  • Straty (left) and Claudia Aichinger (right)

  • At the GC exhibit booth

  • The conference room

  • The meeting is about to start!

  • Renie’s opening introduction and schedule for the one-day course

  • Kazumi introducing the exhibitors that helped support the course
    First up is Mike Zerafa from Ortho Arch

  • Next up is Marc Katz from GC

  • Last, but not the least, is Dave Williams from Advanced Dental Designs

  • Lecture is starting!

  • First lecturer is Kazumi, presenting on:
    Understanding “the stable jaw position” and the technique of achieving it
    Utilizing modern imaging techniques (CBCT, MRI) to recognize the status of TMJ

  • Taking a look at the poster boards during a coffee break
    These posters were presented at the AAO table clinic by the Japanese members

  • Hugo Palma (left) and Shigeru Tanaka (right)

  • Straty reviewing a case file

  • Dori Freeland-Watters (left) and Ana Lucia Colina (right)

  • Catching up with old friends during a coffee break
    Normand Bocher (left) and Bob (right)

  • Andy Girardot (left) and Scot Anderson (right)

  • Günther Blaseio (left)from QuickCeph and Kazumi (right)

  • Carl (left) and Don (right)

  • Catching up bring coffee break
    From left: Bob, Normand and Claudia

  • Frank (left) and Joana Baden (right)

  • Ron (left) and Thomas (right) , using the break time to go through case files

  • Nate Moeller going reviewing a case file

  • Discussion over a case file

  • Case file presentations add so much to our meeting

  • More from case file exhibit

  • The second lecturer, Satoshi, is about to start his presentation

  • Satoshi’s presentation is on:
    TMJ disc displacement and its effect on the stability of jaw position

  • Everyone is very focused!

  • Question from Ozgur Ufuk Demir

  • Next question from Joana

  • Satoshi answering their questions

  • Everyone listening to the discussion

  • Another question!

  • Satoshi responding

  • Now it makes sense!

  • After the morning lectures From left: Olivares Hurtado Edgar Recardo, Kazumi and Caterina

  • Michael using some of his lunch break to look over case files

  • Thomas is also very focused

  • Normand is too

  • Scenes from the case file presentation

  • Scenes from the case file presentation

  • Afternoon lecture is starting with Kazumi on:
    Disc displacement’s influence on mandibular growth in young patients

  • During a break
    Satoshi (left) and Yasoo Watanabe (right)

  • Scenes from the case file presentation

  • Carl (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Chatting during a brek
    From left: Junichiro Nagayama, Tateshi Hiraki and Hideaki Aoki

  • Chatting during a break
    Miho Yamanaka (left) and Yasoo (right)

  • Satoshi (left) and Motoyasu Taguchi (right)

  • Anka Sapunar (left) and Don (right)

  • Scenes from the case file presentation

  • Closely reviewing a case file
    Michael (left) and Frank (right)

  • Günther (left) and Alexander Blaseio (right)

  • Scenes from the case file presentation

  • Andy (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Treatment of mandibular asymmetry and Class III in early childhood
    How to treat patients with advanced disc displacement with careful mechanics
    Last lecture by Masaru Sakai on:

  • Masaru’s “voice” by Sanae Iwakami (interpreter from Japan)

  • Happy hour after the lectures! Discussions continue with a glass of wine in hand.
    From left: Joana, Anka, Claudia Morales and Boris Echeverria

  • Claudia (left) and Satoshi (right)

  • International discussion
    From left: Masako Komatsu, Ana and Yukino Takagi

  • Renie (left) and Don (right)

  • Richard Portalupi (left) and Ted Freeland (right)

  • Diego Perez Macal (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Scenes from the case file presentation

  • Donald reviewing a case file

  • International discussion

  • From left: Takehiro, Miho, Hideaki Miyata and Satoshi Sakai

  • From left: Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi and Takehiro

  • From left: Isayo Ikeda, Satoshi, Noriyo Uchiyama, Hideaki, Masaru, Junichiro and Tateshi

  • From left: Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi, Takehiro, Miho, Isayo and Hideaki

  • Kazumi (left) and Thomas Dusek (right)

  • From left: Tateshi, Noriyo and Hideaki

  • From left: Ana, Masako, Shigeru, Tania, Yukino, Hugo and Diego

  • Kazumi (left) and Thomas (right)

  • From left Oswaldo Camacho , Naghelí Caero, Rogelio Boyain, Gustavo Aitamirano and Dori

  • Donald (left) and Olivares (right)

  • From left: Satishi, Renie, Donald, Tateshi and Hideaki

  • Gustavo reviewing a case file

  • International discussion

  • Scenes from the exhibit booths

  • Tania (left) and Miho (right)

  • From left: Thomas, Kazumi and Ted

In the conference room

  • The 7th annual meeting, April 27-28, 2017 The meeting was held near the convention center at ANdAZ San Diego.

  • Kazumi Ikeda giving the Opening remark, describing Demoiselle cranes that make it possible to migrate over the Himalayas by lining up in their flight formation.

  • These Demoiselle cranes can reach their seemingly unattainable goal by joining their forces together in their flight formation.

    Kazumi compared our study group to these Demoiselle cranes carefully judging the right moment to cross the 6000-7000 meter Himalayan peaks together.

  • The very first presenter of the meeting Day 1, Satoshi Adachi getting ready to start his Special Lecture on “’Crossroad’ to be on Stable Mandibular Position”

  • The meeting is about to start!

  • Yasoo Watanabe, the moderator for the morning of Day 1, helping with the discussion time after lecture

  • Satoshi answering members’ questions

  • Discussion time continues

  • Next Special Lecture by Kazumi Ikeda on: “No Disc, No Growth of Mandible. How to Diagnose DD and Treat Them?”

  • Gustavo Altamirano Hernández asking a question

  • Kazumi listening to a question in Spanish being translated through a receiver

  • Next question by Scott Anderson

  • A follow-up question by Hideaki Miyata

  • Any other questions?

  • Next question by Tania Olguin

  • Relaxed Kazumi after his lecture

  • Next Case presentation by Miho Yamanaka
    Title: “A Case of Class I Open Bite with a Constricted Maxillary Arch, Crowding, and Unstable Jaw Position”

  • A view of the conference room

  • Miho listening to a question about the case presentation

  • Scott Anderson, the moderator for the afternoon session of Day 1, introducing the next presenter

  • Next Special Lecture by Masaru Sakai in the afternoon of Day 1 Title: “Improve the TMJ Status in Children and Control the Facial Development”

  • Miho asking a question

  • Masaru answering members’ questions

  • Scott introducing the next presenter

  • Next Case presentation by Arturo Iván Espinosa Carlos after the break
    Title: “TMD Patient and Orthodontic Treatment”

  • Scott asking a question

  • Arturo listening to a question

  • Another question by Claudia Morales

  • Arturo (right) receiving a certificate from Scotti (left) acting as a moderator

  • Next Case presentation by Nagelhi Caero Romero
    Title: “An Orthodontic Treatment Requires an Accurate Diagnosis”

  • Scott (left) and Nagelhi (right)

  • Yoshihiro Nakajima, the moderator for the morning session of Day 2, introducing the first presenter

  • First Case presentation of the meeting Day 2 by Ana Lucia Colina Tejadad on “Clinical Management of TMJ Pain and Dysfunction”

  • First question by Hideaki Miyata

  • Ana listening to a question in Japanese being translated through a receiver

  • Yoshihiro, the moderator, helping direct questions during the discussion time

  • A comment by Masaru

  • Ana happily listening to a comment

  • Anka Sapunar asking a question

  • Ana (right) receiving a certificate from Yoshihiro (left) acting as a moderator

  • Next Case by Diego Perez Macal on “Improvements in Condylar Morphology and Mandibular Position Related to Splint Therapy: A Case of Sever DTM”

  • A question by Richard Portalupi

  • Diego listening to a question

  • Masaru asking a question

  • A comment by Kazumi

  • Diego (right) receiving a certificate from Yoshihiro (left) acting as a moderator

  • Behind the scenes: “our ears and voice”
    Two interpreters from Japan
    Sanae Iwakami (left), Rei Kawagishi (right)
    Thank you for your support!

  • Next Case presentation by Hidetoshi Shirai
    Title: “Vertical Control Update”

  • Elena Kavaliauskis (left) and Anka (right) asking a question

  • Hidetoshi listening to a question in Spanish being translated through a receiver

  • Next question by Gustavo

  • Hidetoshi answering members’ questions

  • Oswaldo Camacho asking a question

  • Hidetoshi (right) receiving a certificate from Yoshihiro (left) acting as a moderator, who is also his best buddy

  • Next Case presentation by Takehiro Hirano
    Title: “Stable Mandibular Position and Orthognathic Surgery”

  • Hugo Palma asking a question

  • Takehiro answering members’ questions

  • Next question by Arlette Baca

  • Takehiro (right) receiving a certificate from Yoshihiro (left)

  • Next case presentation by Yasoo Watanabe in the afternoon of Day 2
    Title: “Vertical Control Using Implant Anchors – From the Perspective of the Roth Philosophy”

  • Gustavo Altamirano Hernandez, the moderator for the afternoon session of Day 2, introducing the first presenter

  • A comment by Masaru

  • Yasoo answering members’ questions

  • Miho asking a question

  • Yasoo (right) receiving a certificate from Gustavo (left) acting as a moderator

  • Last Special Lecture by Ted Freeland:
    Title: “THE AXIS?”

  • Ted answering members’ questions

  • Ted (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Rogelio Boyain (left) , Spanish interpreter and Kei Miyazaki (right) Kazumi’s secretary

Posterboad presentation and case file review

  • Case file display
    The required case files—everyone brought one again!

  • Members studying the case files during a coffee break

  • The Japanese members also brought their mounted models this time

  • Arturo concentrating on case files

  • Group discussion over a case file is a usual scene at our meetings

  • Arturo (left) and Hugo (right)

  • Kazumi and Gustavo huddling over a case file

  • Arlette in full-focus mode

  • Always diligent Motoyasu Taguchi

  • Miho concentrating on case files

  • Nagelhi carefully studying case files

At coffee break

  • Enjoying a casual chat during Coffee break: Thomas Dusek (left) and Ana (right)

  • Yukino Takagi (left) and Masako Komatsu (right)

  • From left: Tateshi Hiraki, Junichiro Nagayama and Hideaki Aoki

  • Lunch time: time to relax on a rooftop!

  • Catching up with friends during lunch

  • Noriyo Uchiyama (left) and Miho (right)

  • From left: Miho, Ted, Yukino and Masako

  • Scott (left) and Richard (right)

  • Don Linck (left) and Thomas (right)

  • Shigeru Tanaka (left) and Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos (right)

  • From left: Nagelhi, Gustavo and Oswaldo

  • From left: Rogelio, Arturo and Tatiana Tellez

  • From left Ivonne Diaz, Daniel Rodriguez, Ivonne Ortega, and Bernardo Borbon

  • From left Tatiana, Arlette, Armando Orihuela and Elizabeth Escamilla Tapia

  • Tateshi (left) and Satoshi Sakai (right)

  • Motoyasu (left) and Yasoo (right)

  • Richard (left) and Satoshi (right)

  • From left: Yasoo, Yoshihiro and Masaru

  • Arlette in relax mode after lunch

  • Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos (left) and Ivonne Diaz (right)

  • Armando (left) and Bernardo (right)

  • Tatiana (left) and Arturo (right)

  • Ivonne Ortega (left) and Daniel (right)

At the Gala

  • Gala was held at the rooftop restaurant at ANdAZ San Diego. The gala started just before the sunset, and we all had a great time mingling and unwinding outside of the meeting room.

    Front from left: Nagelhi, Rodrigo Caero, Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Arturo, Tatiana, Arlette, Armando and Ana In the back: Oswaldo and Gustavo

  • From left: Motoyasu, Miho, Shigeru and Hugo

  • From left: Nagelhi, Rodrigo, Arturo, Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Tatiana, and Arlette

  • From left: Takehiro, Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi, Masako and Yukino

  • From left: Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Arturo, Tatiana, Arlette and Armando

  • From left: Elena, Claudia and Anka

  • From left: Takehiro, Isayo Ikeda, Kaori Otsuka, Yukino, Yoshihiro and Hidetoshi

  • From left: Takehiro, Yoshihiro, Masako and Hidetoshi

  • From left: Nagelhi, Oswaldo and Rodrigo

  • Kei (left) and Diego (right)

  • Noriyo (left) and Hideaki (right)

  • From left: Elena, Isayo and Anka

  • From left: Kazumi, Tania, Dori Freeland, Ana, Ted and Richard

  • From left: Satoshi, Yasoo, Hideaki Aoki and Renie Ikeda

  • Thomas and Kazumi

  • From left: Mayu Yonemoto, Kikuyo Nagayama, Junichiro Nagayama, Tateshi, Mai Suzuki and Shizuki Kurehara

  • Renie (left) and Anka (right)

  • From left: Noriyo, Shigeru, Miho, Hideaki, Richard and Hugo

  • Diego (left) and Ana (right)

  • Dori (left) and Thomas (right)

  • From left: Kaori, Kei, Diego and Ana

  • From left: Ted, Kazumi, Isayo, Satoshi, and Renie

  • From left: Thomas, Dori and Tania

  • From left: Hideaki Aoki, Rodrigo, Oswaldo and Nagelhi

  • Satoshi Sakai (left) and Arturo (right)

  • From left: Claudia, Anka, and Elena

  • From left: Satoshi Sakai, Renie, Ted and Satoshi

  • From left: Renie, Ted, Isayo and Satoshi

  • From left: Rodrigo, Oswaldo, Tania, Nagelhi and Arturo

  • Front from left: Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Nagelhi, Tatiana, Arlette and Armando
    In the back: Arturo, Oswaldo and Rodrigo

  • From left: Shigeru, Masaru, Takehiro, Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi, Masako, Kaori and Yukino

  • Dori (left) and Ted (right)

  • From left: Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Nagelhi, Tatiana, Arlette, Satoshi Sakai and Armando

  • From left: Isayo, Satoshi, Kazumi, Arturo, Gustavo, Tania, Hideaki Aoki and Renie

  • From left: Shigeru, Masaru, Takehiro, Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi, Masako, Kaori and Satoshi Sakai

  • Front from left: Nagelhi, Tatiana, Shigeru and Arlette
    In the back: Armando and Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos

  • From left: Kaori, Kei, Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Renie and Tania

  • From left: Claudia, Elena, Satoshi Sakai and Anka

  • From left: Kikuyo, Junichiro, Tateshi, Daisuke Nonoyama, Maki Nonoyama, Mai, Mayu and Shizuki

  • Group picture at the end of the night before the dance party started. What a fun evening! See you again next year, everyone!