One day course  Stability - The Key

One day course  Stability - The Key

We hope that every single case will be stable after treatment, but the reality may not be so perfect. If you were a baseball player and your batting average is .400, you would be very proud. In orthodontics, however, your practice will most certainly not survive with a 60% failure rate. In the patients’ eyes, if their treatment is unsuccessful long-term, it is a 100% failure rate for them. How do you improve your success rate? Every orthodontist knows that the right and left TMJs are connected to the bite in the mouth, but pays little attention to them. The TMJ is the secret to improving your batting average.

It is true that some orthodontists produce a higher average of long-term success in treatment. How can you reduce the failure rate and simultaneously provide consistently successful outcomes to patients? This one-day course will give you some clues to improve your daily practice quality and provide you with valuable insight about TMJ and its role in treatment stability.

Outline of lectures

  • Understanding “the stable jaw position” and the technique of achieving it
  • Utilizing modern imaging techniques (CBCT, MRI) to recognize the status of TMJ
  • TMJ disc displacement and its effect on the stability of jaw position
  • Disc displacement’s influence on mandibular growth in young patients
  • Treatment of mandibular asymmetry and Class III in early childhood
  • How to treat patients with advanced disc displacement with careful mechanics


Kazumi Ikeda DDS
Kazumi Ikeda DDS
Graduated from Orthodontic Department, University of Pennsylvania
Author of “TMJ 1st Orthodontics”
Masaru Sakai DDS
Masaru Sakai DDS
Graduated from Orthodontic Department, Aichi Gakuin University
Satoshi Adachi DDS, PhD
Satoshi Adachi DDS, PhD
Graduated from Orthodontic Department, Osaka University
Venue: Studio East and Executive Studio
ANdAZ San Diego
600 F Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel: (619)849-1234
Date and Time: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
8:30am - 4:30pm
(light lunch will be provided)
Maximum Capacity: 90 seats
Registration Fee: $250-
Contact information: Roth Study Club International
Tel: +81-3-3780-8177

Outline: Stability - The Key [PDF]