Club Rules and Constitution


Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Roth Study Club International, hereinafter referred to as RSCI.

Article II – Mission

RSCI shall foster high standards of orthodontic treatment with emphasis on the function of the stomatognathic system (temporomandibular joints and associated anatomical and physiological structures) and esthetics. All RSCI members shall endeavor to further the goals of clinical excellence according to the Roth Philosophy of Orthodontic Treatment in their own practices.

Article III - Purposes

  1. To ensure excellence of care at the highest standards of function and esthetics
  2. To promote a sense of high worth and value in being a study club member
  3. To encourage recent graduates to become active in our study group, to empower teaching, and to develop future leaders

Article IV – Membership Categories

Section 1. Regular Members
Regular membership shall be basically open to graduates of two-year Roth-designated courses who are applying principles of the Roth Philosophy to patient care.
Section 2. Supporting Members
Supporting membership shall be basically open to any dentists who are interested in Roth Philosophy.

Article V – Council Members

Section 1. The Council shall consist of three representatives each from the founding member countries; the USA and Japan. Council members shall be restricted to RSCI members.
Section 2. A Council meeting shall be held with the participation of six Council members in conjunction with the annual meeting of RSCI to discuss matters concerning the management and activities of RSCI.
Section 3. Council members shall have the authority and control over the spending of annual dues collected from RSCI members.
Section 4. The executive leadership shall be comprised of the Roth-designated directors of the two-year course teaching programs of their respective countries: Dr. Kazumi Ikeda of Japan and Dr. Ted Freeland of the USA.

Article VI – Amendments to Bylaws

Council members may propose amendments to the Bylaws. To become effective, the proposed amendment must be approved by majority of the members participating in the annual meeting.

Article VII – Activities

Section 1. RSCI shall hold an annual meeting of all members to fulfill the above goals.
Section 2. RSCI is a non-profit organization and shall seek to remain independent of the influence of commercial entities that could limit or negatively influence its philosophical independence.
Section 3. Interdisciplinary specialists may be invited to annual meetings based on their relationships to the study club members, based on the trust that they follow in keeping with Roth goals of patient care. RSCI shall not seek to have alliances with other specialty groups. RSCI wishes to promote the orthodontist as the main coordinating member of the interdisciplinary team.

Article VIII – Annual Meeting

Section 1. Each regular member must bring a case file to the annual meeting. A different case should be brought to each meeting.
Section 2. There shall be three membership categories for the annual meeting; Regular Members, Supporting Members, and Observers (guests and office staff).

Article IX – Membership Application and Withdrawal Procedures

Section 1. Application

  1. Application for regular membership shall require a copy of the applicant's certificate of completion of a two-year Roth designated course.
  2. The applicant shall present one case file which demonstrates that he/she is applying the Roth principles. (Photos of the diagnostic mounted models will be acceptable.) The applicant must attest that the case has been under her/his care.
  3. The application shall be reviewed by the Council members and accepted into membership upon approval by the Council.

Section 2. Withdrawal
A member who wishes to withdraw from membership shall submit a written application to the Council for approval. The withdrawing member shall not be entitled to any refund of paid dues.

Article X – Dues

Dues of 300 US dollars shall be paid by December 31st of each year by credit card. Dues and other income shall be used to cover operating expenses. A budget and financial report shall be made at the annual meeting. The fiscal year of RSCI shall begin on January 1st and ends on December 31st. The cost of our annual meeting will be determined yearly once a venue is chosen. Every attempt will be made by the council to keep costs of the meeting reasonable.

Article XI – Termination of membership in RSCI

The Council may terminate membership in RSCI if 1) a member fails to pay dues for two consecutive years 2) a member exhibits unethical and/or unprofessional conduct.