The 9th Annual RSCI Meeting in Los Angeles

Seascape Ballroom
Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina

300 N Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach, CA 90277, USA

May 8th-9th, 2019

The 9th annual meeting was held in Los Angeles, at Crown Plaza Hotel in Redondo Beach. Many of us enjoyed a refreshing morning walk or a bike ride along the beach. Special thanks to Dr. Kazumi Ikeda and his secretary Kei Miyazaki for all their effort in preparing another successful meeting at a great venue!

It was very encouraging to see the growing circle of discussion surrounding case files. The poster board presentations—which take a lot of time to prepare—were high quality and very informative. We are proud of the peer-learning opportunities the study club provides, and are happy to see the collaborative learning amongst its international members. Oral presentations, as always, were followed by ample discussion time. The two-way communication between the presenter and the attendees with the help of the Japanese and Spanish translators makes our group a one of a kind, truly international meeting. However, there is definitely more room for improvement as a group. Let’s keep going and leveling up!

Thank you so much to every single one of you for yet another successful meeting. It was a fantastic meeting with some old friends from RWISO and some new faces. Looking forward to seeing you again soon in Atlanta!

The 9th Annual RSCI Meeting in Los Angeles

Group photo at the meeting venue

In the conference room

  • The 9th Annual Meeting, May 8-9, 2019
    The meeting was held at Redondo Beach in Los Angeles.

  • Meeting Brochure
    This meeting’s theme: “Roth Mechanics and Beyond”

  • At the Council meeting before the conference
    Front from left : Ted Freeland, Kazumi Ikeda, Satoshi Adachi
    In the back: James Sieberth, Hidetoshi Shirai

  • At the Council meeting
    Ted (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • From left: James, Hidetoshi and Sanae Iwakami (translator)

  • Hidetoshi giving the Opening Remark

  • The meeting is about to start!

  • Day 1, James is the moderator for the morning session

  • First presenter of the meeting Day 1, Kazumi Ikeda
    The lecture title is “Goal Directed Mechanics and Beyond ~How TMJ status, especially DD, will influence the mechanics~”

  • First question by Normand Boucher

  • Kazumi answering his question

  • Another question by Noriyo Uchiyama

  • Another question by Claudia Morales

  • Kazumi answering members’ questions

  • Discussion time continues

  • Behind the scenes: “our ears and voice”
    Translators from Japan: Sanae (left), and Rei Kawagishi (right)
    Thank you for your support!

  • Spanish interpreter, Arturo Espinosa (a member of RSCI)
    Thank you for your support!

  • Kazumi (right) receiving a certificate from James (left) acting as a moderator

  • James introducing the next presenter

  • Next lecture by Hidetoshi Shirai
    Title: “Roth Mechanics Part I ~Roth Mechanics which will make the difference”

  • Next lecture “Roth Mechanics Part II ~Vertical control – The fundamental concept that must always be kept in mind" by Tateshi Hiraki

  • First question by Joana Baden

  • Tateshi answering a question

  • A comment by Kazumi

  • A follow-up question by Paul Reyes

  • Tateshi (left) and Hidetoshi (center) receiving a certificate from James (right) acting as a moderator

  • Next lecture by Yasoo Watanabe after the lunch break
    Title: “Anchorage and vertical control with TAD”

  • Hidetoshi, the moderator for the afternoon of Day 1, helping with the discussion time after lecture

  • Question from Emanuel Wasserman

  • Yasoo answering a question

  • Yasoo (right) receiving a certificate from Hidetoshi (left)

  • Hidetoshi introducing the next presenter

  • Next case presentation by Ana Colina
    Title: “Treating and comprehending orofacial pain in a female orthodontic patient”

  • Kazumi giving a comment

  • A question by Andrew Girardot

  • Another question by Normand

  • The two Japanese interpreters Sanae (left) and Rei (right)

  • A follow-up question by James

  • Ana (right) receiving a certificate from Hidetoshi (left)

  • Next Case presentation by Takehiro Hirano
    Title: “Seeing is believing” –Arthroscopic examination of the TMJ”

  • First question by Masaru Sakai

  • Takehiro answering Masaru’s question

  • Another question by Marina Ramos

  • Next question by James
    Discussion continues…

  • A follow-up question by Tania Olguin

  • Takehiro (right) receiving a certificate from Hidetoshi (left)

  • First Case presentation of the meeting Day 2 by Joana Baden on “Paradigm shifts in pre-adolescent orthodontic treatment”

  • Question from Masaru

  • Joana answering his question

  • Joana (left) receiving a certificate from Kazumi (right)

  • Next lecture by Satoshi Adachi
    Title: “VTO and Force System”

  • First question by Jorge Ayala

  • Satoshi answering his questions

  • Discussion continues…

  • Another question by Joana

  • Another question!

  • A follow-up question by Andrew

  • Jorge still asking questions after Satoshi’s lecture

  • Next lecture by Masaru Sakai
    Title: “How to handle Class II and III patients with stabilization type splint: long term observation”

  • First question by Joana

  • Another question by Andrew

  • Masaru (right) receiving a certificate from Yasoo (left) acting as a moderator for the morning session of Day 2

  • Next case presentation by James Sieberth after the lunch break
    Title: “Mechanics of Retention in Complex and Multi-Disciplinary Cases”

  • James (right) receiving a certificate from Takehiro (left) acting as a moderator for the afternoon session of Day 2

  • Next lecture by Dori Freeland
    Title: “Retention During Growth Observation”

  • Dori (right) receiving a certificate from Takehiro (left)

  • Next lecture by Ted Freeland
    Title: “8 stages”

  • Ted (right) receiving a certificate from Takehiro (left)

  • Yoshihiro Nakajima giving the Closing Remarks

Posterboad presentation and case file review

  • 6 members participated with a poster board display
    A lot of effort goes into making poster boards. Thanks to everyone that participated!

  • Jorge concentrating on poster boards

  • Takehiro Hirano’s poster board titled ”Arthroscopic findings of degenerative joint diseases”

  • Kazumi and Isayo Ikeda’s poster board titled ”Slight asymmetry case”

  • Another poster board from Kazumi and Isayo Ikeda titled ”Short ramus case”
    Thank you very much for your effort!!

  • Hideaki Miyata’s poster board titled ”Two-phase treatment of a growing child while maintaining a stable mandibular position with a splint”

  • Satoshi Sakai’s poster board titled ”Class II crowding case with CO-CR discrepancies”

  • Case file display
    The required case files

  • Tateshi (left) and Masaru (right) having a discussion over a case file

  • Noriyo is fully focused

  • Members eagerly reviewing case files during break time

  • Jorge having a discussion over a case with Beatriz Cadioli

  • Ted and Tania concentrating on case files

  • Japanese members huddling over a case file

  • Japanese members chatting over case files

  • Members eagerly reviewing case files during break time

At coffee break

  • Enjoying a casual chat during Coffee break: Kazumi (left) and Jorge (right)

  • Kazumi (left) and Takehiro (right)

  • Having a discussion!

  • From left: Claudia, Tania Britzmann and Kazumi

  • Normand (left) and Jorge (right)

  • Renie Ikeda (left) and Straty Righellis (right)

  • Emanuel (left) and Andrew (right)

  • Ana (left) and Yukino Takagi (right)

  • Renie (left) and Ana (right)

  • Looks like everyone is having a great time!

  • From left: Hugo Palma, Diego Perez and Shigeru Tanaka

  • From left: Masaru, Motoyasu Taguchi and Hideaki

  • Donald Cronin (left) and Satoshi (right)

  • From left: Kazumi, Thomas Dusek and Donald

  • From left: Renie, Keenman Feng and Milada Gregor

  • From left: Eduardo Marin, Araceli Reyes, Marina and Jose Luis Cano

  • From left: Yasoo, Hidetoshi and Satoshi

  • From left: Daniela Cabrera, Alejandra Aburto, Straty and Normand

  • From left: Claudia, Tania, Joana, Doug Bukaty (Ortho Arch) and Mike Zerafa (Ortho Arch)

  • From left: Jorge, Beatriz, Paul and Marcelo Huerta

  • From left: Emanuel, Andrew and James

  • From left: Francisco Requena, Pedro Flores and Valeria Bogado

  • Dori (left) and Ted (right)

  • From left: Masako Komatsu, Yukino, Noriyo, Miho Yamanaka and Junko Hiraga

  • From left: Satoshi Sakai, Daisuke Nonoyama, Hiroshi Takeshita and Takehiro

  • From left: Hidetoshi, Tateshi and Junichiro Nagayama

  • From left: Ana, Ivonne Ortega and Tania

  • From left: Christina Aviles, Nagelhi Caero, Gustavo Altamirano and Arturo

  • Enjoying lunch!

  • Catching up with friends during lunch

  • Looks like everyone is having a great time!

  • Diego (left) and Shigeru (right)

  • From left: Keenman, Araceli, Jose, Christina and Marina

  • Junko (left) and Noriyo (right)

  • Miho (left) and Yukino (right)

  • From left: Arturo, Gustavo and Nagelhi

  • Daniela (left) and Valeria (right)

  • From left: Fatima Morales, Karla Gonzalez and Eduardo

  • From left: Marcelo, Francisco and Paul

  • Donald (left) and Milada (right)

  • From left: Tania, Ivonne and Ana

  • Renie (left) and Jorge (right)

  • At the Ortho Arch exhibit booth

  • From left: Satoshi, Joana, Kazumi, Alejandra and Claudia

  • From left: Isayo, Kazumi, Jorge and Beatriz

At the Gala

  • Gala was held at the pool side at Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina. Unfortunately it was cloudy and chilly, but we all had a great time mingling and unwinding outside of the meeting room.
    From left: Masaru, Junichiro, Kikuyo Nagayama and Kazumi

  • Hugo (left) and Renie (right)

  • Tateshi (left) and Junko (right)

  • Masami Taguchi (left) and Motoyasu (right)

  • From left: Yukino, Ana and Ivonne

  • From left: Diego, Shigeru and Noriyo

  • From left: Straty, Thomas and Kazumi

  • From left: Hugo, Arturo, Gustavo, Ivonne, Nagelhi and Christina

  • From left: James, Beatriz, Jorge and Milada

  • From left: Satoshi, Noriyo, Keenman and Hideaki

  • From left: Masaru, Satoshi, Diego and Shigeru

  • From left: Isayo, Hugo and Renie

  • Front from left: Nagelhi and Christina
    In the back: Gustavo and Arturo

  • From left: Hitomi, Miho, Yasoo, Motoyasu and Masami

  • From left: Kikuyo, Junichiro, Takehiro, Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi and Masako

  • From left: Yukino, Junko, Tateshi, Noriyo, Kei and Yurie

  • From left: Ana, Tania, Dori, Ivonne and Ted

  • Everyone is having a great time!

  • From left: Paul, Jorge, Beatriz and Valeria

  • From left: Isayo, Masaru and Renie

  • From left: Takehiro, Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi, Masako and Ana

  • From left: Thomas, Keenman, Hideaki, James and Ted

  • Straty (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • From left: Milada, Dori, Ivonne, Ana and Tania

  • James (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • From left: Tateshi, Noriyo, Junko, Motoyasu, Shigeru and Yasoo

  • From left: Satoshi, Diego, Kei, Ted and Thomas

  • From left: Masaru, Straty, Isayo, Renie, Kikuyo and Junichiro

  • Shigeru (left) and James (right)