The 3rd Annual Conference in Philadelphia

The Union League
140 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA

MAY 7-9, 2013

Philadelphia is a city where America made its grand start as an independent state. It was also once the capital and holds deep history. With Manny's help, we were able to hold the third RSCI meeting at the Union League, a historic building where the fifth president once made a speech. Lectures were held under Lincoln's warm gaze, and the Library Lounge used for case display was a classy, magnificent space that provided the attendees with the perfect environment to focus on each case.

The oral presentations were given by fifteen members covering various topics. Ample time was allocated for Q&A, which made the experience highly valuable and stimulating for both the presenter and the listeners. Since everyone is already familiar with Roth Philosophy and its clinical application in day-to-day practice, the discussion served as an opportunity to re-visit certain aspects at a whole another level. For this learning experience to continue year after year, the presenters are asked to provide meticulous documentation that will serve as the basis for the discussion.

The 3rd Annual Conference in Philadelphia

Group photo at the Gala

In the conference room

  • The 3rd annual meeting, May 7-9, 2013
    Outside the Union League

  • The Union League is located one block away from the City Hall (pictured) at the center of the city. City Hall appears even more spectacular when its lit up at night.

  • Council members
    At the Council meeting before the meeting (from left):
    Gyehyeong Lee, Satoshi Adachi, Ted Freeland, Kazumi Ikeda, Bruce Greenberg , Emanuel Wasserman, Byungtaek Choi, Sangmi Lee (Korean interpreter)

  • Lincoln Memorial
    The lecture hall with a statue of Lincoln at the back watching over the meeting.

  • The statue of Lincoln at the back of Lincoln Memorial Please watch over us for the two days.

  • Kazumi Ikeda at the Opening remark Introducing new members, Junko Hiraga and Noriyo Uchiyama

  • First presenter of the first day, James Sieberth and the morning's moderator, Dori Freeland-Watters Dori breaking the ice before the presentation

  • James starting the awaited presentation The title is “Class I Surgical case”

  • During James's presentation
    Everyone is 100% focused despite the early morning start

  • Next up: Yoshihiro Nakajima
    Title is “An Angle Class II Division 1 deep bite case treated with an Asher facebow”

  • Discussion time
    Tateshi Hiraki, participating as a Moderator along with Dori, guiding comments and questions.

  • Kazumi Ikeda taking the podium after an introduction by Dori

  • Next presentation by Kazumi Ikeda
    Title is ”A case of an adolescent patient with mandibular prognathism and an open bite accompanied by a circular resorption in the condyle”

  • Next presentation by Seokpil Kim
    Title is “Efficient molar intrusion with combination use of TPA and 2 palatal miniscrews”

  • Gyehyeong Lee, a Moderator for the afternoon of the first day, introduces the next speaker, Euna Choi

  • Euna Choi starts off the afternoon with her presentation titled “Device for precise face bow transfer - SAM3”

  • Next up is Satoshi Adachi
    Title is “Stability of TMJ in skeletal II surgical patients”

  • Satoshi Sakai finishes up the first day with his presentation titled “A skeletal open-bite TMD case treated with vertical control of the molars. Is there any limitation of intrusion of the molars?”

  • Vital helpers behind the scene that become our ears and voice. Thank you for your help!
    Translators from Korea: Sangmi Lee (left) and a memberKyunghun Lyu (right)

  • Translators from Japan: Sanae Iwakami (left), Rei Kawagishi (right)

  • Byungtaek Choi starts the second day with his presentation on “Overlay Arch”

  • Next presentation by Dori Freeland-Watters
    Title is “Four Bicuspid Extractions: A Roth Approach”

  • Masaru Sakai participating in the discussion time after Dori's presentation

  • Next up is Masaru Sakai
    Title is “Orthodontic treatment in the primary and early mixed dentition Part 1: Anterior crossbite”

  • Next presentation by Jaehyeong Choi
    Title is “Occlusal rehabilitation after orthodontic treatment of crowding case with occlusal wear”

  • Gyehyeong Lee starts the seconday afternoon session with his presentation on “Hinge axis & Hinge axis tracing”

  • Next presentation by Ted Freeland
    Title is “Dr Roth's Tools”

  • Last speaker Yasoo Watanabe
    Title is “Treatment of high-angle cases using implant anchors”

  • Emanuel Wasserman concludes the meeting with Closing remarks

  • Emanuel Wasserman calling for another successful meeting next year at New Orleans

  • Miho and Kei (Kazumi's staff) helping at the reception desk Thank you for the hard work!

Posterboad presentation and case file review

  • Poster board presentation and case file review at the Library Lounge

  • Case file from each participating member. As before, everyone brought a case!

  • Poster boards that require a lot of effort to make. Big thanks to the participating doctors.

  • Members eagerly reviewing case files during a break.

  • Members having a discussion over a case file

  • Walking over to take a close look at the poster boards

  • Bruce concentrating on a case file

  • Always eager to learn, Junko

  • Oral surgeon Yong-Chan Lee looking over a case file

  • Also focused, Masako Komatsu

At coffee break

  • At the Coffee break (from left): Margaret Brazones, James, and Dori

  • Manny (left) and Ted (right)

  • Enjoying a casual chat during Coffee break: Diego Perez Macal (left) and Shigeru Tanaka (right)

  • Uyanlar Ayhan, Masaru, and Satoshi (from left)

  • Junichiro Nagayama, Byungtaek, Takehiro Hirano, Manny, and Akira Kawamura (from left)
    Akira was a Moderator for the afternoon session on the second day

  • Margaret, Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi Shirai, Motoyasu Taguchi, and Tateshi (from left)
    Yoshihiro and Hidetoshi were Moderators for the afternoon of first day and morning of the second day, respectively

  • Ted (left) and Dori (right)

  • Yasoo, Satoshi, and Masaru (from left)

  • Hedetoshi, Isayo, Renie, Kei, and Miho (from left)

  • Lunch time: time to relax

  • Delicious array of food

  • Catching up with friends during lunch

At the Gala

  • Bruce (left) and Manny (right)

  • Margaret, Ted, and Elizabeth Hite (from left)

  • Dori (left) and Shigeru (right)

  • Satoshi Sakai, Diego, Satoshi Adachi, and Uyanlar (from left)

  • Presentation of the first Front Runner Award Manny giving a speech with piano accompaniment of Frank Sinatra's “My Way”

  • Masaru Sakai received the first Front Runner Award

  • Kazumi giving a speech about Masaru's incredible achievements

  • Masaru Sakai humbly holding the Front Runner Award

  • Front from left: Dori, Elizabeth, Margaret
    In the back: James, Ted, Diego, Satoshi

  • Front from left: Kyunghun Lyu, Gyehyeong, Eunah
    In the back: Seok-Pil, Jaehyeong, Byungtaek, Yong-Chan

  • Front from left: Masako, Kyoko Kato, Masaru
    In the back: Yukino Takagi, Akira

  • Front from left: Hiroshi Takeshita, Manny, Bruce, Kazumi
    In the back: Isayo, Renie, Miho, Kei, Uyanlar, Satoshi

  • Front from left: Masako, Kyoko, Masaru, Junichiro's wife
    In the back: Hideaki Miyata, Junichiro, Akira

  • From left: Seok-Pil, Jaehyeong, Kyunahun, Gyehyeong, Eunah, Sangmi Lee (Korean interpreter), Yong-Chan, Byungtaek

  • From left: Akira, Motoyasu, Junichiro's wife, Junichiro, Hideaki, Yasoo, Yukino, Masako, Kyoko

  • From left: Izumi (Koichi's wife), Koichi Misaki, Yoshihiro, Takehiro, Hidetoshi, Tateshi, Junko, Noriyo