The 4th Annual RSCI Meeting in New Orleans

Bourbon Orleans Hotel
717 Orleans St., New Orleans, LA 70116, USA

APR 29th-MAY 1st, 2014

Our last meeting was held in New Orleans, at The Bourbon Orleans located at the center of the French Quarter. Dr. James Sieberth put in tremendous effort in organizing this meeting, from selecting the venue to management. I would like to give a huge thanks to Jim on behalf of the members.

“Everyone brings a case to the meeting!” Four years have passed since this seemingly simple, but actually difficult challenge has been put into practice. It is evident that the quality of the cases is constantly improving. I think the study club is getting closer to what Dr. Roth had envisioned.

There were 15 case presentations with plenty of discussion time, and many ideas and comments were exchanged. When presenters are able to show what they have carefully documented, that in turn prompts exciting discussions. Next meeting will be held in San Francisco, where Dr. Roth made a large impact on orthodontics. There will be many opportunities to have deep discussions, through the special lecture by Dr. Laura Iwasaki, whose research interest involves stress loading within TMJ, as well as through the cases brought together by members that show positive responses in mandibular growth after jaw position stabilization using splint therapy. Dr. Hatcher will also be attending as a commentator. Let’s show Dr. Roth the further evolved RSCI.

4th Annual RSCI Meeting in New Orleans

Group photo at the meeting venue with the presenters at the front row

In the conference room

  • Outside of The Bourbon Orleans hotel, the venue of the meeting

  • The Bourbon Orleans is located right by the Jackson Square, at the center of the French Quarter and surrounded by Southern European-style cityscape.

  • The lobby of The Bourbon Orleans. The stately interior is calming.

  • At the Council meeting before the conference
    From left: Byungtaek Choi, Sangmi Lee (Korean interpreter), Euna Choi, James Sieberth, Kazumi Ikeda, Gyehyeong Lee, Hidetoshi Shirai, Emanuel Wasserman, Satoshi Adachi, Ted Freeland

  • Jim (back) and Kim, his secretary (front left)
    They played a huge role in making this meeting a success. Kim, together with Kei Miyazaki and Kaori Otsuka (front center and right) managed the reception desk.

  • This meeting’s theme: “Dynamic of Stability—The Keys Revisited”

  • The conference room

  • The meeting is about to start!

  • James Sieberth giving the Opening remark

  • First presenter of the meeting Day 1, Masako Komatsu and Jim, acting as the moderator for the morning session

  • Masako starting her presentation on “An orthognathic surgery case”

  • Next up is Byungtaek Choi, presenting “Occlusion and chewing movement: Part 2”

  • Euna Choi, who is a moderator along with James for the morning of Day 1, is introducing the next speaker, Hiroshi Takeshita

  • Hiroshi Takeshita presenting “Extraction treatment of maxillary protrusion with a retrognathic mandible”

  • Discussion time is filled with questions and comments Byungtaek participating in the discussion

  • Next, Seokpil Kim presented “A key function and esthetics: Transverse control”

  • Behind the scenes: “our ears and voice”
    Two interpreters from Japan
    Rei Kawagishi (right), Sanae Iwakami (left)
    Thank you for your support!

  • Takehiro Hirano, our Day 1 afternoon session moderator, is introducing the next presenter, Masaru Sakai

  • Masaru is speaking on “A Case of Maxillary Protrusion in the Early Mixed Dentition with Condylar Deformity in the Superior Aspect of the Right Condyle - Part 2”

  • A question from Don Linck

  • Another question from Jim

  • Next presentation is by Hideaki Miyata on “‘Miracle’ Results of Splint Therapy in a Preadolescent Patient with Severe Asymmetry.”

  • Next presentation by Gyehyeong Lee on “Stabilizing Splint; A Treatment Effect Based on the Change of Condylar Movement”

  • Ted Freeland, the other moderator for the Day 1 afternoon session is reading a certificate of appreciation to Gyehyeong.

  • Yukino Takagi asking a question

  • A comment by Tadanori Furuya

  • Emanuel Wasserman giving the last presentation of Day 1 on “Longevity of the Dentition: The Clinician's Evidence - Long Term Assessment of the Dr. Ron Roth Approach to Treatment.”

  • Our moderator, Ted, handing Manny the certificate of appreciation.

  • Day 2 morning session’s moderator, Gyehyeong, is introducing the first presenter, Dori Freeland-Watters.

  • Dori is presenting on “Advances Degenerative Joint Disease in an Eight Year Old Female: Where Do We Go From Here?”

  • A question by Christopher Saal

  • Shigeru Tanaka working hard as a historian
    Since he is the one taking the pictures, we don’t have Shigeru’s photos. Thank you for the photos!

  • Margaret Brazones is presenting “TMJ Stabilization, Pain Management, Orthodontics, and Orthognathic Surgery with Complications.”

  • Gyehyeong presenting a certificate of appreciation to Margaret after her talk

  • Tadanori participating in a discussion

  • Don asking a question

  • Seokpil asking a follow-up question

  • Satoshi Adachi presenting “TMJ Imaging and its Clinical Consideration in Orthodontics”

  • Day 2 morning session’s other moderator, Tateshi Hiraki, is presenting a certificate of appreciation to Satoshi.

  • Manny and Jim very focused on the presentation

  • Kyung Hun Lyu presenting “Three-Dimensional Control of the Second Molar”

  • Tateshi presenting a certificate of appreciation after Kyung Hun’s presentation

  • Dori, our Day 2 afternoon session’s moderator is introducing the next speaker, Eunah Choi, who gave a talk on “Surgery or not in Class III Patients? Limitation on Non-surgical Treatment.”

  • The other moderator, Masako introducing the next speaker

  • Noriyo Uchiyama presenting “Retreatment of Surgical Case with Surgical Design Tailored to the Patient’s Joint Status”

  • Masako presenting a certificate of appreciation after Noriyo’s presentation

  • Last speaker Ted presenting “Roth and joints”
    With our moderator, Dori

  • Kazumi Ikeda giving Closing Remarks and introducing the new attendees at this meeting

  • Kim Eunjeong

  • Felipe Alberto Leiva Cartes

  • Julia Esther Artega Valero

  • Hugo Juan Palma Gozales

  • Ana Lucia Colina

Posterboad presentation and case file review

  • Members from Japan having a discussion over a case file
    Motoyasu Tagichi, Satoshi Sakai, Yasoo Watanabe, Daisuke Nonoyama (from left) 

  • Case file from each participating member. As before, everyone brought a case!

  • Diego Perez Macal (left) and Ana Lucia Colina (right) getting a sneak preview of the case files after registration the day before the meeting

  • Noriyo Uchiyama (left) asking Masaru Sakai (right) a question on a case file

  • A lot of efforts go into making poster boards. Thank you to everyone that participated!
    Yoshihiro Nakajima (left) just finished putting up is poster, and Yasoo (right) asking a question about his case.

  • Yoshiro’s poster board titled “Bi-maxillary protrusion case treated with two jaw surgeries”

  • Satoshi’s poster board titled “Skeletal openbite treated with multi-semented Le Fort I osteotomy and SSRO”

  • Kazumi sharing his book with the attendees from Guatemala and Mexico

  • Members eagerly reviewing case files during break time

  • There are many files to go through!

  • Kazumi (left) and Jim (right) having a discussion over a case

  • Group discussion over a case file is a usual scene at the meetings.

  • Japanese members asking Masaru questions

  • Junko Hiraga concentrated on case files

  • Margaret (center) and Satoshi (facing back) exchanging comments about a case file

  • Looks like everyone is having a great time!

  • Ted (left) and Kazumi (rlght)

  • Yasoo at the case file display tables

  • Attendees from Guatemala and Mexico at Shigeru’s poster board
    Shigeru’s poster is on “A skeletal class II malocclusion case treated with vertical control of the molars”

  • Shigeru explaining his poster to Ted

  • Jim (left) and Dori (right)

  • Case file display

  • Case file display

  • Case file display

At coffee break

  • At the Coffee break Kazumi (left) and Jim (right)

  • Manny (left) and Ted (right)

  • Satoshi (left) and Masaru (right)

  • Kazumi (left) and Ted (right)

  • Enjoying a casual chat during Coffee break: Don (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Ted, Ana, and Diego (from left)

  • Junko (left) and Noriyo (right)

  • Jim (left) and Masako (right) holding a certificate of appreciation

  • Diego, Ana, and Ted (from left)

  • Julia (left) and Felipe (right)

  • Julia, Ted, Felipe, Ana, and Diego (from left)

  • Margaret, Ted, and Dori (from left)

  • Shigery and his family. Thank you for taking great pictures.

  • Kei (Kazumi’s staff) and Kazumi

  • Kim, Kei, and Kaori (from left)
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  • Special thanks to Kim for helping this meeting come together.

  • Don (left) and Jim (right) relaxing during lunch time

  • Jim (left) and Christopher (right) at lunch

  • Daisuke Nonoyama, Yutaka Kitahara, Motoyasu Taguchi, and Yasoo (from left)

  • Enjoying lunch with good company
    Shigeru, Satoshi Sakai, Diego, Hugo, Ana, Julia, and Felipe (from left)

  • Tadanori, Yukino, Koichi Misaki, and Masako (from left)

  • Junko, Noriyo, and Tateshi Hiraki (from left)

  • Kyoug, Sangmi, Seokpij, and Ahn Jeong Soon (from left)

  • Eunjeong, Eunah and Gyehyeong (from left)

At the Gala

  • The jazz band is here!

  • Jim (right) and his older brother (left)
    Jim’s brother is a talented musician and the jazz band’s leader

  • The Gala took place at the beautiful courtyard with a pool
    Diego, Ana, Manny and Ted (from left)

  • Front from left : Sangmi , Eunah, Eunjeong
    In the back: Kyunghun, Ted, Manny, Gyehyeong

  • Junko, Noriyo, Tateshi, Masako and Yukino (from left)

  • Diego, Ana, Julia, Felipe, and Hugo (from left)

  • Members encaptured by the live jazz music
    Yasoo, Tadanori, Daisuke, Hideaki Aoki and Hideaki Miyata (from left)

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the live music at New Orleans, a birthplace of jazz

  • Yoshihiro, Hidetoshi, Masaru and Takehiro (from left)

  • But then, the sudden rain. Oh no!
    The Gala was moved to the Lobby. The party goes on!

  • Kim and Jim
    Thank you for the flawless organization of the meeting!

  • The Gala restarting at the Lobby

  • The band is also ready to go indoors

  • Jim, Margaret, Ted, Dori and Shon Peterson (from left)

  • Kazumi happy and surprised by the birthday celebration

  • The jazz band getting their groove on

  • Two interpreters from Japan
    Sanae (left), Rei (right)
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

  • Yasoo, Daisuke, Tadanori and Hideaki (from Left)

  • Hideaki, Koichi, Masaru, Shigeru and Satoshi (from Left)

  • Hiroshi, Hidetoshi, Takehiro and Yoshihiro (from left)