The 6th Annual RSCI Meeting in Orlando

Rosen Shingle Creek
Suwannee 16/17
9939 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

May 3rd-5th, 2016

Our meeting was held in Orlando this year, at Rosen Shingle Creek. Dr. James Sieberth spearheaded the preparation for the meeting, and I would like to thank Jim for all his efforts in making this meeting yet another success!

The Orlando meeting marked the 6th year anniversary for RSCI. The case files demonstrated the overall growth of the members over the past six years. Naturally, there were heated discussions surrounding the case files. As usual, oral presentations were also followed by ample discussion time. This is one of the fortes of the group, turning lecture-style presentations that tend to be a one-way talk into a two-way interaction between the presenter and the attendees. With the help of the Japanese and Spanish translators, our meeting is evolving into a truly international meeting. With the addition of new enthusiastic members, the Orlando meeting was an enriching two days.

For the next meeting in San Diego, it’s the Japanese members’ turn to help organize the meeting, and we have begun the preparation. We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at the AAO’s Table Clinic. Please stop by! There is also a one-day course by the three Japanese instructors from the two-year course. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in San Diego!

The 6th Annual RSCI Meeting in Orlando

Group photo at the meeting venue

In the conference room

  • The 6th annual meeting, May 3-5, 2016
    The meeting was held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, close by Universal Studios and Disney World Resort

  • At the Council meeting before the conference
    From left : Kazumi Ikeda, Richard Christensen, James Sieberth

  • At the Council meeting
    From left : Satoshi Adachi, Hidetoshi Shirai

  • From left : Richard, Jim, Kazumi, Ted Freeland, Dori Freeland-Watters

  • From left : Hidetoshi, Sanae Iwakami (interpreter from Japan), Renie Ikeda

  • Kim, Jim’s secretary (left). Jim and Kim played a huge role in making this meeting a success. Kim, together with Kei Miyazaki and Kaori Otsuka (center and right, Kazumi’s staff) managed the reception desk.

  • The conference room

  • The meeting is about to start!

  • This meeting’s theme: “Gnathic Tranquility”
    Masaru Sakai (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Ted Freeland giving the Opening remark

  • First presenter of the meeting Day 1, Satoshi Adachi (left) and Tateshi Hiraki (right), acting as the moderator for the morning session

  • Satoshi starting his Special Lecture on “Where are we in the treatment of TMJ problems among young orthodontic patients

  • First question by Scott Anderson

  • Satoshi answering members’ questions

  • A follow-up question by Hideaki Miyata

  • Satoshi (center) receiving a certificate from Tateshi (left) acting as a moderator, and Jim (right)

  • Next Special Lecture by Kazumi Ikeda on: “Where are we in the treatment of TMJ problems among young orthodontic patients?”

  • Richard asking a question

  • Another question by Jim

  • Kazumi listening to a question in Spanish being translated through a receiver

  • Elizabeth Alvarez asking a question

  • A follow-up question by Reyes Araceli

  • Gustavo Altamirano Hernández asking a question

  • Tateshi, the moderator, helping direct questions during the discussion time

  • Scott asking another question

  • A follow-up question by Raul Herrera

  • Shigeru Tanaka working hard as a historian
    Since he is the one taking many of the pictures, we unfortunately don’t have photos of Shigeru. Thank you!

  • Kazumi (center) receiving a certificate from Tateshi (left) and Jim (right)

  • James Sieberth, the moderator for the afternoon of Day 1, introducing the next presenter

  • Next Special Lecture by Masaru Sakai
    Title: “Where are we in the treatment of TMJ problems among young orthodontic patients?”

  • Japanese members asking questions after Masaru’s lecture

  • Discussion continues…

  • Next Case presentation by Dori Freeland-Watters after the break
    Title: “Form and function to achieve “Gnathic Tranquility” in the mixed dentition”

  • Oswaldo Camacho asking a question

  • Next question by Scott

  • Jim, the moderator, helping with the discussion time after lecture

  • Ana Lucia Colina asking a question

  • Another question by Arlette Baca

  • Gustavo asking a question

  • A comment by Ted

  • Dori receiving a certificate from Jim

  • Scott Anderson, the moderator for the morning session of Day 2, introducing the first presenter

  • First Special lecture of the meeting Day 2 by Ted Freeland on “Occlusal Equilibration”

  • Discussion time is set aside after each presentation
    Many questions and comments were exchanged regardless of a language barrier
    Oswaldo Camacho (right) asking a question for Ted (left), who is listening to the question through a translation receiver

  • Discussion time continues

  • Next question by Kenji Sashida

  • Ted (left) receiving a certificate from Scott (right)

  • Spanish interpreter Tania

  • One of the Japanese interpreters Rei Kawagishi

  • Behind the scenes: “our ears and voice”
    Two interpreters from Japan
    Sanae Iwakami (left), Rei Kawagishi (right)
    Thank you for your support!

  • Next Case presentation Gustavo Altamirano Hernández
    after the break
    Title: “Diagnosis of a Surgical Case”

  • Gustavo (left) receiving a certificate from Scott (right)

  • Next Case presentation by Tateshi Hiraki
    Title: “Vertical control in Roth philosophy”

  • Jim asking a question

  • Scott, the moderator, helping with the discussion time after lecture

  • A comment by Kazumi

  • Tateshi answering members’ questions

  • Another question by Javier Ramirez

  • Pablo Rodriguez asking a question

  • Tateshi (left) receiving a certificate from Scott (right)

  • Next Case presentation by Akira Kawamura
    Title: “A Case of Mandibular Asymmetry and Gummy
    Smile Treated with Two-Jaw Surgery”

  • Oswaldo Camacho asking a question

  • Akira answering members’ questions

  • Next Case presentation by Daisuke Nonoyama
    Title: “A surgical case with TMD”

  • Reyes Araceli asking a question

  • Daisuke (left) receiving a certificate from Hidetoshi Shirai (right), acting as the moderator for the afternoon session

  • Our first time trying out the Group Discussion
    With Jim facilitating the session, we discussed about “The Splint Adjustment Process and Stabilization Criteria”

  • First comment by Scott

  • Hideaki Miyata asking a question

  • Next comment by Masaru

  • A follow-up comment by Yasoo Watanabe

  • Gustavo asking a question

  • Next comment by Richard

  • Jim (left) receiving a certificate from Hidetoshi (right)

Posterboad presentation and case file review

  • Japanese and Guatemalan members huddling over a case file

  • Richard Christensen (left) and Yasoo Watamabe (right) having a discussion over a case

  • Case file display
    The required case files—everyone brought one again!

  • Group discussion over a case file is a usual scene at the meetings.

  • Focused members studying the poster boards

  • 5 members participated with a poster board display

  • A lot of effort goes into making poster boards. Thanks to everyone that participated!

  • Miho Yamanaka’s poster board titled “A case of class I open bite with a constricted maxillary arch, crowding and unstable jaw position”

  • Satoshi Sakai’s poster board titled “Surgical orthodontic treatment of skeletal mandibular retrusion with TMD – Changes in condylar morphology”

  • Hideaki Miyata’s poster board titled “Use of a stabilization splint in a growing patient with class I malocclusion and crowding”

  • Junko Hiraga’s poster board titled “A maxillary protrusion case with severely deformed condyles”

  • Mitzi Y. Carrales Davalos’s poster board titled “Diagnosis of a class III surgical case”

  • Renie Ikeda (left) and Kazumi Ikeda looking over a case file

  • Ana Lucia Colina (left) and Diego Perez Macal (right)

  • Kazumi (left) and Richard (right) chatting over case files

  • Yukino Takagi (left) and Miho (right)

  • Ivonne Ortega (left) and Ana (right)

  • Gustavo Altamirano Hernández (left) and Satoshi Adachi (right)

  • Kazumi (left) and Diego (right)

  • Satoshi Sakai (left), Masaru Sakai (center) and Yasoo (right)

  • Hiroshi Takeshita (left) and Shigeru Tanaka (right)

  • Yukino (left), Ana (center) and Diego (right)

  • Richard in full-focus mode

  • Always diligent Masako Komatsu

  • Daniel Rodriguez

  • Daisuke Nonoyama

  • Dori Freeland-Watters

  • Yutaka Kitahara

  • Jorge Romero

  • Case file display

  • Case file display

  • Looks like everyone is having a great time!

At coffee break

  • From left Shannon Velasco , Kazumi Ikeda, Javier Z. Ramirez, Karla Wendy Lopez, and Reyes Araceli

  • From left Ted, Richard, Scott and Renie

  • Scott (left) and Satoshi Adachi (right)

  • From left Kazumi, Satoshi, Masaru, Yasoo and Tateshi

  • From left Diego, Shigeru, and Akira

  • From left Miho, Satoshi Sakai and Yutaka

  • From left Takehiro Hirano, Yoshihiro Nakajima and Hidetoshi

  • From left Elizabeth Alvarez, and Reyes Araceli, and Karla Wendy Lopez

  • From left Akira, Hiroshi, and Takehiro

  • Hideaki (left) and Daisuke (right)

  • From left Junko, Yukino and Kaori

  • Ana (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Gustavo (left) and Satoshi (right)

  • Ana (left) and Kenji (right)

  • From left Tateshi, Junko and Noriyo Uchiyama

  • Sanae, interpreter from Japan, checking a speaker’s presentation to prepare for the next session

  • Jim (left) and Shigeru (right)

  • From left Scott, Ted and Chris Saal

  • Dori and her family

  • Juana Arguello (left) and Lourdes Gomez (right)

  • Diego (left) and Kei (right)

  • From left Raul Herrera M, Mitzi Y. Carrales Davalos, Arturo Espinoza, Jorge Romero and Daniel Rodriguez

  • From left Oswaldo, Gustavo, Naghelí Caero and Dori

  • Patricia Zamora (left) and Tatiana Tellez (right)

  • From left Juana Arguello, Gustavo Gonzalez and Shannon Velasco

  • From left Arlette Baca, Kenji, Ivonne Ortega and Tatiana

  • Catching up with friends during lunch

  • Armando Orihuela (left) and Lourdes Gomez (right)

  • From left Jorge Romero, Pablo Rodriguez and Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos

  • Front from left: Gustavo Altamirano Castillejos, Jorge, Ivonne, Arturo and Mitzi
    In the back: Pablo, Shigeru and Daniel

  • From left Juana,Gustavo and Hugo Palma

At the Gala

  • From left : Kenji, Dori, Gustavo, Hugo Palma, Ted, Naghelí, Ana, Arturo, Scott and Deborah

  • From left : Kaori, Kei, Shigeru, Kazumi, Renie and Isayo Ikeda

  • From left Yasoo, Hidetoshi, Takehiro, Diego and Yoshihiro

  • From left Shigeru, Yoshihiro, Kazumi, Yasoo, Takehiro, Hidetoshi and Diego

  • From left : Kaori, Tania, Kenji, Kei, Ana, Kazumi, and Renie

  • Diego (left) and Shigeru (right)

  • Hideaki (left) and Yutaka (right)

  • From left : Valerie, Carolyn, Richard, Scott and Deborah

  • From left : Yasoo, Takehiro, Hidetoshi, Diego and Shigeru

  • Ted (left) and Dori (right)

  • From left : Hugo, Tania and Ana

  • From left : Shigeru, Yoshihiro, Kazumi, Yasoo, Takehiro, Hidetoshi and Diego

  • From left : Shigeru, Diego and Hugo

  • Showing our appreciation for everything that Kim has done for the group and the meeting. Thank you!

  • Kei (left) and Kim (right)